A Genre is a Cage...

In an article published by Stereofox, author Ayo described The Polaroid Bear as being, "a mixture of acoustics, tech, and melodic lyrics, but the latter certainly conjures an arrangement of these elements that surpasses the first.  The new album is definitely one of self-identity with all the writing, recording, performing, mixing, and production done by Nolan."

      Similarly, author Tim Thompson wrote about The Polaroid Bear in his popular blog, Smoke Don't Smoke, he said, "He has allowed the confines of genre to have no sway on the sounds he creates, rather he pulls the best parts of genres like folk, beat, and electronic production, and makes something entirely unique."

  The music of today is a melting pot of accessibility and diversity, and the music of The Polaroid Bear reflects that. Along with The Polaroid Bear, Nolan is in a folk-fusion band called Wooden Sleepers and also produces music professionally for television, online media and film.